NIKD4s – Samuel Beckett Bridge at Night – 19042014


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This is a photo of the Samuel Beckett bridge that spans the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. It was built at a cost of €60million and opened 10 December 2009. In the background, you can see the curved, glass front of the Dublin Convention Centre. Construction on this building completed in 2010 at a cost of £104million. The building is iconic due to a number of architectural innovations, including the glass frontage and a number of curved walls.

This photo was taken using a Nikon D4s DSLR with a Nikon 24mm f/1.4 wide angle lens. The photo was first adjusted in DXO Pro Optics 9, then a filter was applied using Topaz Labs Clarity and finally I slightly adjusted the levels in Lightroom 5.

Thanks for looking!

Nikon D4s / Nikon 24mm f/1.4 / ISO 100 / f/8 / 8sec / Manual Settings

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