The Campanile at Trinity College, Dublin.

The Campanile

The Campanile at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Originally intended to be linked to the buildings on either side by an “arcaded screen,” the campanile has been described as a “skilful if lacklustre party piece” (Casey 399-400). However, it is a popular sight, often used pictorially to represent Trinity College, and many might agree with an earlier verdict that it is a “singularly attractive work of unique design” (Dixon 212). The belfry is “richly detailed, a cylindrical chamber encircled by engaged Corinthian columns and pierced by tall round-headed openings with cast-iron traceried grilles” (Casey 400). The four figures at the base of the belfry, sculpted by Thomas Kirk (1781-1845), represent Divinity (seen holding a cross), Science, Medicine and Law. Source

This photo was taken using a Nikon D800 camera with a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. It was processed using Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6.

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